As with any start up, the initial phase includes the creation of a complete business plan and comprehensive profit and loss statement for the proposed new spa. The Business Plan is a 20-25 page document, describing the concept of the spa and detailing the reasons it will succeed. Typically, this includes the proposed location, an inventory of products and services, a marketing overview, plus a biography of the owner. The comprehensive profit and loss statement is a financial projection based on the size, location and concept of the spa. It relies in part, on research conducted to analyze local competition, the anticipated prices and the intended compensation for staff.


Market Feasibility

Target Market & Demographics

Existing Competition Analysis

Price Point Comparison

Compensation Review

Existing Client Survey


Business Plan

Executive Summary

Competitive Advantages

Service & Retail Sales Strategy

MarketingPlan Overview

Quality Control & Client Experience


Financial Forecasts

Programming + Sq. Ft. Breakdown

3-Year Financial Forecasts

Capital Expenditure List

Labor Assumptions

Compensation Model