The philosophy, values, team, and the space itself are what differentiate LEXIDESIGN spas from the competition. Visual technology gives us a unique opportunity to share this story with potential clients, building a bond that normally couldn’t exist before the first appointment. In today’s market, video and photo content is more important than ever before. Inspired by your unique brand, LEXIDESIGN will create a photo portfolio and short-form videos that will support and enhance your identity. The more your potential clientele understands who you are and what you do, the more approachable your brand becomes. Video and photo content are fun, interactive ways to connect, share, and build your customer community.


Stylized Product Photoshoot

Architecture + Design Shoot (Tiered Options)

Build Brand Story With Lifestyle Shoot

Social Media GIFs

Photo Shoot


Video Shoot

Skype Consultation with LEXIDESIGN Video Team

Stylized Product Video Shoot

Treatment Technique Shoot

Short-form Lifestyle Shoot