As you enter the spa & beauty industry among a mix of esteemed brands, it is imperative that your concept is current, relevant and carves out a niche. Great concepts start as a simple idea and Lexi Design turns that idea into a reality. We begin by identifying business opportunities, understanding your potential position in the market and pinpointing what will make you stand out from the competition. The result of this analysis is developed into your spa’s unique concept. This entails creating a modern and fresh spa menu; choosing suitable technology and equipment; devising a signature system, culture and method; and finally, selecting the right line of specialty skin care products. The last phase is finalized by ensuring that your concept is synergistic with your brand identity & interior design. Our goal is turn a good idea into a pioneering concept and ultimately a powerful brand.


Identify New Trends

Pinpoint Business Opportunities

Understand Competitive Positioning

Decide How to Differentiate


Develop Service Offerings + Menu

Recommend Equipment + Technology

Select Specialty Skin Care Products

Create Treatment Names + Descriptions


Develop Distinctive Touches

Create Cohesion Among Concept, Brand Identity + Interior Design

Spotlight Unique Culture + Systems

Develop Signature Method