Adding your own spa-branded product line to retail offerings helps engender customer loyalty while improving your brand’s visibility. It also lends added gravitas and credibility to your business - two key components for growth and success. Lexi Design creates customized spa, beauty & lifestyle products from start to finish. The process begins with an analysis of your existing brand. From there, we can produce a mix of products that is synergistic with your concept: each item will reflect your spa’s signature philosophy, method and system. Once the branded line is conceptualized, we create unique product names, descriptions and label designs. Finally, we devise a strategy and provide sales tools to help sell the product once it’s on your shelves. The end result is a product line that enhances your brand and improves your bottom line.


Create Product Line’s Concept

Select Lab and Manufacturer

Develop Signature Profile and System

Product Development


Create Product Names

Create Product Descriptions

Create Product Usage Directions

Content Creation


Bottle, Lid and Box Selection

Bottle and Box Label Design

Design of Sales Tools

Packing Design