Are Beauty Bars the Future of the Spa Industry?

With the rise of #SelfCare and the consumer's quest for convenience, the idea of a long, drawn-out spa day or waiting in a stuffy medical office is getting further and further from the modern woman (or man’s) ideal beauty ritual.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a steep rise in beauty bars: super-branded, fun, and social beauty spaces that specialize in one kind of treatment and make it extremely accessible.


  • The OGs: Dry Bar (blowouts), Skin Laundry (facials), and lash and brow bars

  • The newbies: FaceGym (massage facials), WTHN (acupuncture), FaceHaus (facials), Ject (injectables), Sugar + Bronzed (sugaring + tanning)

  • The LEXI DESIGN bars: Youthbar (skin treatments/injectables), Beauty Cult (facials)

The modern beauty client no longer wants to take a whole day or go out of her way to get her #selfcare on. She wants to pop in after yoga, enjoy a quick and effective service, then look good enough to stop for a Whole Foods run on the way home.

The lesson here: If you are good at one thing, you don’t need 30 different services to be successful. With a curated menu, the right branding and a bar-like setup, you CAN go all in and turn your passion into a real business.

Not only is this type of spa “trending,” but the finances also back up this beauty bar boom.

The start-up cost is much less expensive, you can fit more services into a smaller area and the potential for franchising is much higher.

Whether you are thinking of rebranding or toying with the idea of starting your own business, a beauty bar could be your best option!