For the overworked, multi-tasking entrepreneur who needs a sounding board and a fresh perspective.



LEXI DESIGN will conduct a comprehensive spa profitability analysis to pinpoint areas of your business that require attention and improvement. The focus of the analysis will be twofold: how to increase revenue, and how to decrease unnecessary expenses. We will conduct an overall cash flow analysis, setting both monthly and quarterly spending/saving goals. Since any business must be prepared for the unforeseen, we’ll advise on ways to retain more cash to weather unexpected incidents, which in turn will improve overall financial performance.


Analyze Revenue Channels

Perform Cost Analysis

Review Pricing

Recommend Suitable Markups


Review Fixed Costs + Payroll

Determine Service Provider Pay Scales

Analyze Inventory Controls + Vendor Agreements

Advise on Refinancing + Loan Renegotiation


Cash Flow Analysis

Set Specific Targets + Goals

Prepare for Shortfalls + Growth

Improve Overall Financial Improvement


For existing spa owners, our brand audit is a “reboot” designed to modernize your brand with consistent messaging and imagery. LEXI DESIGN evaluates your brand’s attributes, uncovers shortcomings, and analyzes whether the message you want to deliver is truly the message your clients are receiving. We refresh your brand with a new logo, color story, images, and brand copy. The ultimate goal? To position you as an industry authority and create an authentic message that emotionally connects with your target market. A powerful brand is vital to gaining loyal, committed customers.


Brand Evaluation

Assess Your Brand Attributes

Pinpoint Deficiencies in Core Message

Appraise Existing Brand Identity


Brand Definition

Understand Competitive Positioning

Distinguish How to Differentiate

Refresh Your Brand Story


Reboot Your Brand

Design New Logo + Color Palette

Develop Supporting Brand Copy

Create New Branded Digital + Print Collaterals


In LEXI DESIGN’s operations overhaul, we start by studying your existing model to identify any inefficiencies and breakdowns. We then translate our findings into a solid plan that includes implementing new company policies, standard operating procedures, and business systems. Designed to make your infrastructure as efficient as possible, an operations overhaul will improve the guest experience and strengthen team loyalty. Ongoing support is provided to spa owners who wish to have a sounding board and a second set of hands on a more consistent basis.


Evaluate Existing Business Model

Review Operation to Pinpoint Breakdowns

Analyze Organizational Chart + Job Descriptions

Study Policies + Procedures



Implement Turnkey Systems

Update Standard Operating Procedures

Revamp Department Operations Manuals + Daily Duties

Create Back of House Forms


On-Going Support

Weekly Phone Consultations

Periodic Site Visits


LEXI DESIGN helps you create a comfortable and motivating sales system by reviewing your current and potential revenue and redistributing responsibility amongst the members of your team. Sales targets, weekly incentives and a supportive environment are implemented to keep staff enthusiastic and striving toward goals. LEXI DESIGN will provide onsite team sales lectures to give your staff a simple, workable approach to selling and hitting sales targets.


Realize Financial Potential

Analyze Opportunities in Services, Upgrades + Products

Identify Spa Revenue Potential

Review Compensation + Commission Structure



Create Sales Targets

Create Attainable Individual Sales Targets

Develop Weekly Goals

Implement a Sales Motivational Incentive Program


Staff Sales Training

Deliver Sales Training Lectures

Organize Product Knowledge Training

Create Accountability Reporting System