It’s been said that information is power--and the more you tell, you more you sell. Content is another key brand touch point for your business: Every news bite, commentary, photo or bit of factual material you send out should carry your unique branding signature. 

It can’t be said enough: The goal is to take that special ‘magic’ patients/clients experience in your treatment rooms--the personal touch, the YOU factor of your business or practice--and bring it to every brand touch point. Generic copy, stock photos and lackluster social media posts just won’t translate.

Instead, implement a customized content strategy. Today, there are many venues to consider, so pinpoint the ones most likely to resonate with your clients/patients. Here are ten smart ways to stay engaged through content: 

•    Blogs let you share info and invite conversation in a casual, intimate venue. Be sure to stick to a schedule--every Wednesday, say, or the first of each month--so clients/patients will know when you’ll pop up in their inbox. 
•    Online newsletters keep your whole database updated on office news, special deals, new products and procedures, plus your personal commentary. 
•    Emails and an online patient portal offer one-on-one attention, allowing clients to receive appointment reminders, check their own history (“When was my last micro-needling?”) email questions and more.
•    A social media presence on sites such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become must-haves for today’s professionals. And you can offer potential clients perks in return for ‘likes.’
•    Internet memes--whether an image, video, hyperlink or hashtag--can help your message ‘go viral’ on social media sites.
•    Videos demonstrate the old adage that a picture--especially a moving one--is worth a thousand words! Great way to demonstrate products, procedures and your own personality. Consider getting a YouTube Channel to showcase your video library in one accessible place. 
•    A beauty column in your local paper is a win-win-win way to promote your business, enhance your authority and extend your reach to a new clientele. 
•    Audio podcasts let you are ‘talk’ to patients in brief clips they can download and listen to while running, driving, even working out--the perfect communiqué for busy lifestyles.
•    Webinars provide online demonstrations in real-time--plus, they can be archived to share with clients anytime.
•    In-office events offer an incentive for guests to visit your facility and check out you all you have to offer firsthand.

One important don’t: Don’t bombard clients with all ten messaging venues! There is such a thing as TMI, and your goal is to find your ‘sweet spot’ between not enough engagement and an avalanche of information. Focus on creating a personalized content approach that will keep your message top-of-mind--not over the top!