An ideal guide for the aspiring spa entrepreneur who needs some professional insight and a practical road map.



As with any start up, the initial phase includes the creation of a business plan and comprehensive profit and loss statement. The Business Plan is a 20-25 page document, describing the concept of the spa and detailing the reasons it will succeed. Typically this includes the proposed location, an inventory of products and services, a marketing overview, plus a biography of the owner. The comprehensive profit and loss statement is a financial projection based on the size, location, and concept of the spa. It relies, in part, on research conducted to analyze local competition, the anticipated prices, and the intended compensation for staff.


Market Feasibility

Existing Competition Analysis

Price Point Comparison

Compensation Review


Business Plan

Executive Summary

Competitive Advantages

Service + Retail Sales Strategy

Marketing Plan Overview


Financial Forecasts

Programming + Sq. Ft. Breakdown

3-Year Financial Forecasts

Capital Expenditure List

Labor Assumptions + Compensation


As you enter the spa and beauty industry among a mix of esteemed brands, it is imperative that your concept is current, relevant and carves out a niche. LEXI DESIGN develops your spa’s concept by creating a modern and fresh service menu, choosing suitable technology, devising a signature method, and selecting the right line of skincare products. The last phase is finalized by ensuring that your concept is synergistic with your brand identity and interior design. Our goal is turn a good idea into a pioneering concept and ultimately a powerful brand.


Identify New Trends

Pinpoint Business Opportunities

Understand Competitive Positioning

Determine How to Differentiate


Develop Service Menu

Recommend Technology

Select Skincare Products

Create Service Menu


Design Distinctive Touches

Create Cohesion Among Concept, Brand Identity + Interior Design

Spotlight Unique Method + Culture

Develop Signature Method


This final step in developing a new spa is to implement the operational systems. The first task is to define the guest experience and the staff responsibilities. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are created including the personnel manual, day-to-day operations, and treatment protocols. This phase culminates with the creation of a three to four week pre-opening training program. LEXI DESIGN will be on-site for a minimum of five days to oversee all instruction and implementation.



Operational Flow + Guest Experience

Spa Policies + Procedures

Organizational Chart + Job Descriptions



Personnel + Operations Manuals

Daily Duties: Opening + Closing Procedures

Treatment Protocol Manuals

Back of House Forms

Recruitment + Hiring

Staff Training Schedule


Your spa needs a finishing touch that feels visually and emotionally interesting. LEXI DESIGN continually follows the pulse of indie products and small-business merchandise in order to create a retail mix specific to you. Based on the budget and brand, we develop a retail criteria that gives a thoughtful viewpoint to choosing specific products. We then curate a special mix of products and merchandise, advising stock quantities of each item. The visual story is then formed starting with the retail planogram–a blueprint of storefront product placement and organization. Pre-launch, LEXI DESIGN joins you on-site to help set up the retail space and create this retail storyline with entertaining "shelf talkers," on-brand labeling, and organize the back of house systems so you're ready sell in store and online.


Retail Selection

Determine Retail Budget based on Square Footage

Create Brand Criteria

Research + Recommend Retail Mix

Recommend SKUs + Quantities



Create Shelf by Shelf Product Placement

Organize All Opening Order Invoices

Assist with Visual Merchandising

Create Retail Shelf Talkers


Point of Sale

Select POS Software + System

Assist with Pricing + Labeling

Create Online Store