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Promotional campaigns are designed to stimulate sales and increase revenue. Our goal is to create a sale that motivates the consumer to take action while still maintaining the integrity of your brand. Promotions can include service, membership and product discounts, BOGOs, flash sales, value-add, and more. LEXI DESIGN will devise a quarterly promotional calendar utilizing your unique services, products and client buying patterns.


Quarterly Promotions

Develop Monthly Promotional Plan

Create Service + Product Sales

Devise Tracking Strategy


Sales Types

Utilize Discounts, Value-Ads + BOGOs

Create Social Media Ads + Sales

Employ Call-to-Actions


Loyalty + Referral Programs

Develop Loyalty Program

Create a Referral Program

Design Memberships


LEXI DESIGN partners with Marketing360, a digital marketing agency specializing in spas and medicals spas. Using a proprietary method for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), a customized campaign is designed to generate sales and grow your business. The combination of both SEO and PPC advertising increases your business’s ranking and visibility. This dual ad plan will drive traffic to your website to produce qualified leads and ultimately generate more sales.


Search Engine Optimization

Determine Lead Producing Key Words

Optimize Your Website

Increase Your Ranking Visibility in the Natural Search


Pay Per Click Advertising

Determine Lead Producing Key Words

Develop Creative Ad Copy + Landing Pages

Run Targeted Ads


Track Progress

Monitor Progress on a Personal Dashboard

Track + Change Campaign According to Success


Attempting to compete with big business advertising campaigns is expensive and ineffective. Research shows that today’s customers respond to intimate, relationship-building messaging. From events to sampling programs, to charity work, to strategic partnerships, a grassroots marketing campaign is a cost-effective technique that integrates you into the local community. This hands-on approach builds a sense of community within your spa to attract new, reclaim past, and upsell existing clients.


Strategic Partnerships

Encourage Charitable Involvement

Partner with Like-Minded Businesses

Develop Vendor Relationships


Community Outreach

Seek Community Outreach Opportunities

Organize On + Offsite Events

Foster Brand Ambassadors


Digital Newsletters

Create Content

Design Branded Promotions

Write Relevant Monthly Blog


Social media is an easy and instantaneous way to speak directly to your customer base. LEXI DESIGN will create relevant content, engage and increase followers, and build brand awareness across all social media platforms. Daily posts will feature branded content using your signature colors, messaging, style, personality and culture. Daily monitoring of all platforms will ensure a timely and appropriate response to comments, DMs & reviews. The goal is to engage followers on a consistent basis, boosting your visibility and building more loyalty to your brand.


Content Development

Create Daily Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram + LinkedIn

Develop a Signature Youtube Channel

Create Signature Branded Content



Engage + Increase Followers

Create Facebook + Instagram Ad Campaigns

Encourage Discussion Among Your Audience

Monitor Your Online Reputation


Build Brand Awareness

Build Your “Know, Like, Trust” Factor

Build You as An Industry Authority