A creative and fresh approach that ensures the message you want to deliver is truly the message your clients are getting.



LEXI DESIGN begins by reviewing the concept and overall business strategy. The first deliverable comes in the form of mood boards consisting of images, language, color palette, and graphics that give your brand direction and life. Once a direction is chosen, LEXI DESIGN recommends a variety of strategic names, signature marks/typographies and a unique color palette. This brand identity is later echoed in a multi-page Squarespace website, service menu, internal & external signage, gift bags, gift cards and more ... in short, all the components that make up a powerful and consistent brand.


Name + Tag Line

Logo, Font + Color Palette

Icons, Patterns + Illustrations

Name + Logo


Brochure + Price Cards

Stationary + Business Cards

Gift Bags, Gift Cards + Gift Card Boxes




Exterior Signage + Way-finding Signage

Window Design

Retail Shelf Talkers



Web Design + Programming

Online Scheduling

Shop Online


Consumers are seeking brands that humanize themselves, connect and build relationships, provide valuable content, and communicate in a real and thoughtful way. LEXI DESIGN will uncover your unique personality, voice, and culture to develop your signature brand story. Strategic content will be created for your website, menu, brochure, and more. Your signature brand story will position you as an industry authority and create an emotional connection with your target market. A powerful brand story helps you gain loyal, committed customers to increase your bottom line.



Define Core Message

Identify Your Clarity of Purpose

Spotlight Your Unique Philosophy

Identify the Message You Want to Deliver



Uncover Your Voice

Position Yourself as an Industry Authority

Create Authenticity to Humanize Your Brand

Build an Emotional Tie with Your Target Market


Create All Content

Establish Signature Brand Language

Create Positioning Statement, Service Menu + Supporting Copy

Develop Digital Personality


Adding a branded product line to your retail offerings helps build customer loyalty while improving your brand’s visibility and credibility. LEXI DESIGN creates a customized product line from start to finish. By analyzing your brand, we create a mix of products that reflect your signature philosophy and method. Once the line is conceptualized, unique product names, descriptions and labels are created. Finally, we devise a sales strategy that enhances your brand and improves your bottom line.


Create Product Line Concept

Select Lab + Manufacturer

Develop Product Mix

Product Development


Create Product Names

Develop Product Descriptions

Articulate Product Usage Directions

Content Creation


Label Design

Develop Product Knowledge Manual

Create In-House Sales Tools

Packaging Design


The philosophy, values, team, and the space itself are what differentiate your spa from the competition. Visual technology gives us a unique opportunity to share this story with potential clients, building a bond that normally wouldn’t exist before the first appointment. Today, video and photo content is more important than ever. Inspired by your brand, LEXI DESIGN will create a photo portfolio and short-form videos that will support and enhance your message. The more your clients understand who you are and what you do, the more approachable your brand becomes. Video and photo content are an interactive ways to connect, share, and build your customer community.


Architectural Design Photoshoot

Action Shots


Stylized Product Photoshoot

Social Media GIFs

Photo Shoot


Video Shoot

Skype Consultation with LEXI DESIGN Video Team

Stylized Product Video Shoot

Treatment Technique Shoot

Short-form Lifestyle Shoot


Here’s a taste of some of our work…


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