Vitamin Drips: A more beautiful, vibrant you…just a drip away?

Celebs like Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Rihanna and Simon Cowell have all become devotees of one of the hottest new health and beauty trends around…Rihanna even tweeted a shot of herself getting the treatment! You might ask, Since when did an IV drip become a health and beauty tool? I know I did. Actually, the concept isn’t new: It was created by a medical doctor and has long been offered by holistic practitioners.

Here’s the basic science: When nutrients are injected into the body intravenously, all that good stuff bypasses the digestive tract and goes directly into the bloodstream. This helps boost the activity at the cellular level so that everything is absorbed more efficiently. Result? You get an instant, high concentration of select nutrients so the body can get to work putting all those vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to good use. It’s a therapy designed to literally infuse you with loads of wellness benefits.

Look for drips with anti-aging ingredients such as Glutathione and Vitamin C! Give your medical spa menu a real shot in the arm! Lol! Get it? This is an inexpensive, easy edition for any cutting-edge medical spa.