Why your Spa Needs to Market with SEO

Who has ever heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when referring to a website? Did you know that SEO is really the ability to create a map for search engines robots to read and understand who you are and what you do? We all want our website to rank in the 1st organic spot on Google but how it gets there is just as important as being there.

Why is SEO important for a spa owner?
The simplest explanation to why everyone wants their website in the 1st organic ranking spot on Google, it’s the absolute best Return on Investment compared to any other marketing strategy. SEO gives your company’s website the opportunity to be in front of a thousands of clients, all at the same time, who are actively searching for your services. The fact that these listings were organically grown means these clicks do not cost you when people visit your website. The more people who visit your website and learn about your services, the more opportunities you have to grow your client base.

What are some basic ways spa owners can increase their SEO? (Good keywords, etc.)
First you need to realize who your ideal customer is and what might they be searching to find your services. Getting your website to rank for the word ‘spa’ might not bring your website the traffic that will actually turn into your clients. Think about your services or even what services you would like to specialize in. What might people be thinking before looking up these services online or what keywords might they use in a search query. Once you have identified your keyword focus you should then use those keywords within your website. Put them as the main descriptions on certain pages, write articles that include these keywords and tag these articles appropriately to allow the search engines robots to read them. The more content you use to educate search engine robots the more you will educate your clients on your company and the services you provide. There are hundreds of techniques to improve the SEO ranking of your website. Some are extremely technical and some techniques can be implemented by yourself or a member of your team. Educating yourself on what you can do and what you might need assistance with is the first step you should take.

If a spa owner decides to hire someone for SEO services, what should they look for in that person? What kind of expertise should that person have?
We believe one of the most important factors for deciding who to help you with your SEO strategies is a company or individual who has experience and success implementing these techniques over multiple years. Because search engines algorithms change on a daily bases it is important that the person who will help you is knowledgeable on past changes to ensure best practice for potential future changes. Also, the person you choose to help you must give you clear expectations. SEO takes dedication and patience to get your website to the top of the rankings. If someone is telling you this is possible in 1 – 3 months they are either using tactics that can potentially harm your websites organic ranking or they are simply lying to you. Ranking your website for the correct keywords can take anywhere from 4 months to 2 years, depending on the competitiveness within your geographic location. But once you are able to get your website ranked in the 1st organic spot on Google, as long as you continue with the same organic marketing strategy it will be extremely difficult for anyone to move you out of that spot.

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