Fourth Essential for a Powerful Brand: Brand Language

When it comes to marketing your brand, conversation is more than just an art: Knowing how to engage clients/patients with the right dialogue is often the tipping point between spot-on communication or muddled messaging for your business.

Of course, one aspect of conversing is the one-on-one banter you share with clients on the phone, in treatment rooms, and all throughout your facility. Chances are you have a particular conversational style, a kind of verbal signature in keeping with your brand. Are you chatty, nurturing, formal, authoritative? It’s crucial to make sure that same tone translates to all your communication, across every brand touch point.

Simply put, your website, phone demeanor, written materials, photos and videos should all be speaking the same language. If your website is full of intricate medical lingo, but your in-person approach is free-and-easy, clients may not know what to expect of your brand. 

Here are some key ways to ensure your conversation is crystal clear: 

•    Use understandable terminology. If you feature microneedling or ultherapy, clients may not know what that means, and as a result, they won’t instantly grasp the benefits. But if you tout “A more youthful complexion” or “Banish sagging skin” or  “Get rid of wrinkles,”now that’s guaranteed to pique interest!
•    Realize your website, social media, ads, even business cards are often ‘conversing’ with clients even before they meet you. Think of each venue as a way to make an introduction to the real and unique ‘YOU.’ So, again, your personal voice needs to come through not just in person, but in all marketing material.
•    Does your business/practice have a particular catch phrase or saying? If so, make it part of the conversation all across the board to further emphasize your brand voice.
•    Online videos of your practice are another great way to enhance the dialogue. Show your facilities, demonstrate techniques, give patients an up-close-and-personal glimpse of your approach and bedside manner in an interview-style format.
•    Likewise, photos have their own special way of ‘speaking’ to clients. Who can deny the allure of before-and-after pictures to demonstrate dramatic cosmetic results? 

Fans of Mad Men may recall Don Draper’s time-honored marketing advice: “If you don’t like what people are saying, change the conversation.” To ensure people are saying the right things about your business, make your conservation make an impact right from the start! 

Alexis UflandComment