Second Essential for a Powerful Brand: Proprietary Systems or Brand Culture

DryBar, SoulCycle, Skin Laundry…What do these three diverse brands all have in common? A very recognizable culture. They created their own systems and introduced a very specific methodology. Clients not only quickly adapted, but embraced the brand. Now their operations are identifiable as uniquely their own. Simply mention the name—DryBar, SoulCycle, Skin Laundry—and consumers know instantly what to expect from their signature culture. 

The same principle applies to your brand. When you and your competitors are basically selling the same equipment, services and products, the culture you create is your identity that instantly sets you apart in the minds of clients/patients. So it’s vital to differentiate yourself through your unique style and personality.

What do you do unique? How do you differentiate yourself? You have risen above the rest of the packers, clients request you, follow you and believe in what you tell them. 
Think of every contact clients/patients have with your business--via phone call, visit, social media view--is known as a Brand Touch Point, an experience that determines their view of your brand and your particular brand culture.  Whatever the magic is that you create in the treatment room needs to be bottled and sprinkled over brand touch point.  Make sure each of these touch points offers is sprinkled with your uniqueness, your you-ness. Show clients/patients that what you’re doing is unique by putting your own spin on products, services and approaches. 

What To Do: 
•    Create a signature method or technique and spotlight as a point of differentiation in your branding.
•    Incorporate pictures and videos of you. That’s what people are buying. YOU!
•    Create your own ‘language’ – words that uniquely represent what you are offering.
•    Create a private label skin care line

What NOT To Do:
•    Don’t use a vast number of stock photos on your website. 
•    Steer clear of generic business language and copy.
•    Avoid designing websites and brochures that don’t convey your personal touch.

Success Story Example: Creating a Private Label Skin Care Line and Operational System Unique to the Practice
Truth+Beauty Medical Spa, branded as a “gym for the skin,” underscored that distinction by having each guest initially meet with the Beauty Coach. Each client is given a digital imaging analysis of her/his complexion to customize a treatment plan, much as a personal trainer would map out a fitness regimen at a first visit. Patients return after a series of services and take another picture to see the dramatic changes. Results are then carefully documented in their Beauty Diary. Truth+Beauty established their own culture by creating an operational system that is uniquely their own, and then they topped it by creating their own brand language with the terms Beauty Diary and Beauty Coach.

Alexis UflandComment